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What is Subject to Change?

Subject To Change Wine Co...

...was started by friends who love wine. Wine is at the center of our lives and experiences. It is what brought us together as friends and now as business partners. Alex brings the wine industry knowledge and Joe & Kim bring over 20 years of combined business expertise from their careers in tech and finance. Together we are creating something unique and exploring the vast, yet nascent world of winemaking in California.

We produce natural wines with a focus on single vineyard sites - AKA "the good stuff that we like to drink." This means sourcing organically or Biodynamically farmed grapes and not manipulating them in the cellar. We’ve partnered with incredible growers who we’re proud to call colleagues and friends. They are the true badasses of the California wine industry, whose contributions are easily forgotten or marginalized. Our wines have character, much like the folks who grow them. They’re ethereal, full of energy and potentially quirky - but that’s how we like it. If we’ve done it just right, the juice will be a window into those pieces of land cherished by our growers.

Wine is for us, as much a lifestyle as it is a product. Our unquenchable curiosity about, and love for wine has introduced us to our best friends, brought us to interesting corners of the world, and given us the opportunity to do something everyday that we love. We’re grateful for that opportunity and hope that these wines will intrigue and engage our customers. We're part of a growing movement, compelling folks into considering where their food and beverage comes from. Most of all, we want our people to drink great wine so we’re thrilled to enable that!

Like Our Wine? Join the Club.

We offer two simple subscription based clubs. The "Good Idea Club" receives a 15% discount off of club shipments and any other purchases. The "Great Idea Club" receives a 20% discount off of club shipments and any other purchases. You're welcome to take the winery recommended shipment which will be a mixed selection of current and new releases, or customize your box to exactly what you want. Club members will also receive exclusive offers for limited production wines, large formats and special events.

Current Releases

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477 25th Street
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Thursday & Friday, 5pm - 9pm
Saturday, 2pm - 6(ish)pm

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