2017 Feliz Creek Sauvignon Blanc
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Feliz Creek Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc

2017 Feliz Creek Sauvignon Blanc

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Not the New Zealand kind - think more Loire Valley. Tropical fruit, herbaceous edge and depth on depth on depth.

Sauvignon Blanc can take on many shapes and sizes. Our favorites showcase depth, precision, roundness, energy and a myriad of fruit profiles - these are the likes of Sebastian Riffault, Christophe Foucher, Alexandre Bain, Francois Cotat and Laurent Saillard to name a few. This wine was initially destined to be the included in the base wine of our sparkler, but it turned out to be so good on its own that we just had to bottle some as a still cuvée. This wine is a gem.

Pro tip: Don’t drink too cold or you’ll miss it. The wine has a surprising amount of weight.  

Varietal - 100% Sauvignon Blanc - Musque Clone | 40 year old vines.

Vineyard - Feliz Creek Vineyard is dry-farmed by its new owners Wendy and Jason as of 2015. This is a unique cuvée because this section of the vineyard is virused and getting pulled out (don't worry you won't get sick). This fruit was simply going to rot off of the vine, but it was way too tasty for us to allow that to happen. We hired a crew to come out and help us pick it. While we're sad that we won't be able to recreate this wine from this site, it's very cool to have this one off wine. It’s farmed using nothing more than sulphur dust. The vineyard runs along Feliz Creek north-west of the town of Hopland. Loamy soils run along the creek through the vineyard, and a warm dry climate makes this old river bed unique terroir.

Method - We let 30% of the fruit undergo carbonic maceration in sealed up tanks devoid of oxygen to add depth, texture and layers. The rest of the base wine is pressed whole cluster, the juice is browned in the press pan and fermented dry in tank before homogenizing with the carbonic juice. The wine is aged for 5 months in stainless tanks before bottling. 

Unfined, unfiltered and untouched. No sulfur is harmed in the making of this wine - 96 cases produced / 12% Alcohol