2017 Coastview Chardonnay
Brad and Parker at Coastview Vineyard
2017 Coastview Chardonnay

2017 Coastview Chardonnay

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Chardonnay comes in many shapes and sizes and we think this one will appease Chardonnay lovers and skeptics alike. The world of Chardonnay is too big to make generalizations so we encourage keeping an open mind...

Conventional wisdom tells us Chardonnay is a blank canvas, or a window into the place where it's grown. Said wisdom is correct and it shows in the many facets of this wine, grown on a granite slab over 2,000 feet up in the Gabilan Mountains. Born in the wild and groomed for high society, this wine is a secret agent of sorts...

Pro tip: Blind taste your friend who’s “Not a Chardonnay drinker” and show them how versatile the grape can be (or a Burgundy aficionado who doesn't drink California). Drink now or cellar it (or preferably both).  

Varietal - 100% Chardonnay - Dijon Clone - Reservoir Block

Vineyard - The Coastview Vineyard is farmed by Father-Son duo John and Parker Allen. John bought the 2,000 acre ranch undeveloped in the 90’s because he’s a visionary and a glutton for punishment. He spent seven years cutting a dirt road from the gate on the valley floor to the vineyard that even now still takes 25 minutes to negotiate. But boy is the drive worth it. Once at the top, you wonder whether you’re still on Earth (but seriously, in North America?) - it almost looks extraterrestrial. The whole thing is brought into context when you reach the top of the vineyard at 2,400 feet and can see clear out to the Monterey Bay.

John and Parker manage a small crew that works closely with them, and they employ their herd of 900 sheep instead of mowers and herbicide. Their passion for their vineyard shows through in the blood sweat and tears they expend farming this impossibly rugged terrain. We've rarely encountered vineyard owners who work so hard and that is really a loaded statement. It cannot be overstated how ridiculous it is to have a vineyard planted at the top of this mountain. However, their vision is realized in the clarity of these wines. The vineyard shines through and marks with wines with such grace and definition that they're unmistakable. The Chardonnay comes from the Top Block and Pinot comes from Big Block, both near/at the top of the steeply sloped/terraced vineyard.

Method - This fruit is picked around 22 brix. Whole clusters go into press, the juice is browned in the press pan and put to tank for a few days of settling. It’s then put to barrel to ferment and age for five months. It’s then racked to tank for another 5 months to slim up in stainless. 

Unfined, unfiltered and untouched. No sulfur is harmed in the making of this wine - 294 Cases Produced, 12.5% Alcohol